Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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Firefighter Employment Tools

www.firecareerassist.com – pay monthly, receive letter every month about new openings

www.fireemployment.com - pay monthly, receive letter every month about new openings, as well as tips and different procedures of how to become hired and to pass your written exams

www.firecareers.com – pay monthly, informs you daily about new job openings, tips to pass exams, recipes, and stories.

www.firerecruit.com – $5.95 monthly, informs you on testing dates.

www.firestationnation.com – pay monthly, tell you about job openings as well as upcoming academies.

www.Firehouse.com – job listings as well as new information in the fire fighting world.

www.firejobs.com – subscription only, receive information on job openings, hiring strategies, and academy information.

Fire news magazine – pay monthly and receive brand new information each month about job openings as well as classifieds and upcoming exhibits

- If one candidate had a particular city in mind that they wanted to work for, that candidate can also call the city and ask for the number to a Human Resources worker who will help you get information about new job openings within the city.