Sunday, July 5, 2015

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A minimum grade of "C" (78%) must be earned in each nursing course for progression and completion of the nursing program. Fifteen laboratory hours per week in each semester are spent in selected health care agencies.

Transportation to agencies is the individual student's responsibility.  Students generally have nursing classes and/or homework five (5) days a week, and may be required to visit hospitals for additional preparation outside of scheduled class hours.  This may involve afternoon and evening hours.

All students should consult a counselor who can assist in planning so that all requirements are met on schedule. Contact the Counseling Center on the main campus at 421-6700, extension 5241 to schedule an appointment. To schedule an appointment at the Higher Education Center in Otay Mesa, call (619) 216-6750 extension 4403.

Additional required courses for graduation with an Associate in Science degree in nursing are as follows:

Lifespan Development 3 units Humanities:       3 units (Fine Arts Group)
Communications 3 units Psychology       3 units 

Upon completion of all requirements, the student will be eligible to apply to the California Board of Registered Nursing to take the examination for licensure as a Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN).

NOTE:  The Board of Registered Nursing may refuse licensure to individuals who have been convicted of crimes and/or certain misdemeanors.  If you have concerns about this, you may write the BRN directly at this address: 1625 N. Market Blvd., Suite N-217, Sacramento, CA  95834-1924.

Elective (Non-core) Nursing Courses:
ADN 106 (2 units) - Dosage Calculation (open to all SWC incoming & current nursing students)
ADN 116 (2 units) - Nursing Practicum (open to current SWC nursing students)
ADN 117 (1 unit) - Critical Thinking (open to anyone)
ADN 150 (2 units) - Physical Assessment (open to any nursing student or RN)
ADN 210 (8 units) - Emergency Nursing for the New Graduate (open to all RN’s)
ADN 212 (2 units) - Assessment and Management of the Critically Ill Patient (open to any nursing student or RN)

ADN 290 (3 units) - Work Experience (open to current nursing students)
NC 118 - PASS (a TEAS Prep/Remediation course & open to anyone)
NC 1033 - Success in Nursing (open to current SWC nursing students)