Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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Admission Procedures

Anisabel SantamariaThe Nursing Program will soon be implementing a new Admissions Policy. Commencing  with the students accepted for the August, 2011 Class– 50% of the students will be accepted  by the traditional ‘first come first served ‘ current wait list and 50% of the students will be admitted to the ADN Program by use of the multicriteria point system. In August of 2012, all ADN students will be admitted to the program via the multicriteria point system. The multicriteria point system formula is attached for you to review. Multicriteria Points Formula (28KB, PDF)

This change in the admissions policy was done under the guidance and recommendations from the California Community College Chancellor’s Office – Nursing Advisory Committee. You may choose to submit your application with just the pre-requisites completed , but  it is in your best interest to complete all of the courses listed on the application as this will provide you with more points.

Once the ADN Program pre-requisites are completed, you may submit your application with the required documentation to the Southwestern College Nursing Program. Official transcripts must be mailed directly to the Nursing Department, Southwestern College, 8100 Gigantic Street, San Diego, CA  92154. 

Program applications may be obtained from the Nursing Department office or via the College website @, quick links, nursing, then double click on associate degree nursing.  

Please call to cancel your application, if you are accepted elsewhere.  Letters of acceptance are sent out the February – March prior to the fall semester. Applicants who are accepted into the program may defer only once to be guaranteed acceptance into the ADN Program.

Anisabel Santamaria - Admin Secretary
Room 4401, Otay Mesa Campus