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Netiquette, part I

How to Live Together in Cyberspace
Basic Internet Rules for Communication

  • Capitals: If you type in ALL CAPITALS IT MEANS YOU ARE SHOUTING! it also conveys high emotion and can be rude and aggressive to someone else.
  • Message Forwarding: It is okay to post or forward an email message you have received only when the author has given her/his permission to do so. Never post a personal or private email to a newsgroup or discussion board with the author's permission to do so. This is a common courtesy that everyone should follow. If in doubt, ask!
  • "Scrolling" the chat room is never okay. Scrolling means you type a single letter or character in the compose screen and continue to hit "enter." This scrolls the screen very quickly and can interrupt conversations, and most certainly is an annoyance. Scrolling is against most chat room rules.
  • Posting Messages: In general it is a good idea to find out as much about a discussion group before posting your first message. Specifically it is a great idea to find and review the Frequently Asked Questions or other help files. This will save you the embarrassment of posting off-topic messages, uninformed or "lazy" questions, or even worse: questions that have already been answered!
  • Abbreviations: Using abbreviations on the internet is acceptable. Some of them are: "BRB, which means "Be Right Back" , "LOL" means "Laughing Out Loud." "BTW" means "By The Way." there are many other abbreviations for communication on the internet.
  • Flaming: This is conveying a strong opinion or criticism in an email message or posting. Flame messages are okay when their meaning is to correct misinformation or bad behavior, or to add something of value to the topic being discussed. Flames that simply insult others publicly is not acceptable.
  • Remember the Human: The "Golden Rule" of good internet behavior. Be sensitive to the fact that humans have feelings and emotions when you send emails and post messages.
  • Spamming: This action is terrible netiquette because it means you are sending unsolicited emails to a great number of people without regard for topical relevance. These types of emails are commonly referred to as, "Junk Mail."
  • Proofing: Look over your messages before you post them, or send them out in an email. Misspelled words, bad grammar, incorrect phrasing can make you look bad and your message will lose its' impact In the virtual environment you are judged by the quality of your messages.
  • Forgiveness: We all have been new to the internet at one time. When someone makes a mistake be kind and understand that you were there once as well. If necessary, point out their mistake with politeness and in a private forum.

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