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Educational Planning For You

This section will cover topics that relate to your educational goals and supportive services.

General Education Requirements
Online classes meet the general education requirements for the associate degree and transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

To determine if your class meets the requirements for your educational goal please refer to the following:

  • Plan A - General Education requirements for the associate degree at Southwestern College. The general education classes on Plan A are for designed for you if you are planning to complete an associate degree at Southwestern College. For a list of these classes refer to the Southwestern College Web Site For a list of classes that meet the lower-division general education breadth requirements for California State University campus, such as San Diego State University, refer to the Southwestern College Web Site.
  • IGETC - Inter segmental General Education requirements for University of California (UC) and California State Universities (CSU) . IGETC is the lower-division general education pattern if you are planning to transfer to either a University of California campus, such as the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), CSU campus such as Sand Diego State University (SDSU) or are undecided about your transfer goals.
Program and Major Requirements

Online classes may fulfill major requirements for a particular associate degree or transfer program.
For a list Southwestern College associate degree majors and requirements refer to the Southwestern College Web Site.

Associate degree and certificate program are listed in alphabetical order.

Click on desired major

If you are a transfer student, you will need to contact a counselor to obtain your major program requirements for four-year colleges and universities. Each institution has unique requirements for the major therefore, it is important that you meet with a counselor. To contact a counselor refer to the Southwestern College Web Site.

The e-Counselor
You can e-mail questions to your e-Counselor for general information. The e-Counselor will not be able to evaluate transcripts but can provide you with information to help you select your classes. Allow a 24-hour turnaround to receive an answer to your questions.

Southwestern College provides a variety of supportive services for you. These services include Counseling, Financial Aid, Student Employment Services, Extended Opportunities Programs & Services, Transfer Services and Disability Support Services. For information about these services and other services available, refer to the Southwestern College Web Site.

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