Thursday, July 2, 2015

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My Enrollment Information

You need to register as a student by telephone, or in person at your SWC campus Admissions Office first.

After you read your orientation you will have enough information to begin your online class. You are automatically enrolled into your online class by your SWConline team. To use your Username and Password please do the following:

Wait list Students: Your instructor will give you a number when you are allowed to enroll in your course. Take the number to the SWC admissions office or call the Telephone Registration Number 482-9057. Follow the directions and you will be enrolled into your course within two (2) hours.

Auditing Students: Your instructor will enroll you into your course. Please contact him/her for information.
  1. Click on the Login link from the My SWC Online web site.
  2. Your Username (identification) is your first initial, last initial and your seven digit student number without the hyphen and add the zero in front of it, e.g. Ben Hicks 123-456 would be bh0123456.
  3. Your Password is your first initial and last name (no spaces, no capitals), e.g. Chuck Flanksteak's password would be: cflanksteak. If you have a hyphenated last name, use the hyphen, e.g. Chuck Flanksteak-Tenderloin would use: cflanksteak-tenderloin.
  4. Click on your class name located to the right of the window under "My Courses."
  5. Read your announcements page and complete the directions your instructor has written there.
Congratulations! You are ready to start your online class!

If you have any problems contact your instructor by e-mail, or email SWC Help . Be sure to follow your instructors' guidelines for any orientation material or activities in your online class.

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