Saturday, July 4, 2015

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Online Learning Tips

Research indicates a normal period of adjustment for you. Your comfort with the new learning environment requires spending some time learning the rhythm and patterns of online communication.

Before you begin your online class, take some time to look around the class to familiarize yourself with it a bit.

Be sure to check out all the icons and buttons so you know what they do. Preparation for learning the material is important.

If you will be unable to access your computer during the class (leaving town, sharing computers etc.), download or print pages for off-line reference.

Check the Class Calendar regularly.

Begin work on the class as soon as possible establishing a schedule for class work. Don't allow yourself to get behind.

If something doesn't seem to be going right, get help. If it is a problem with your computer, call a technician. If it is a problem with your class, contact either your online instructor or SWC Blackboard Help.

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