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Characteristics of Online Classes

  • Require as much time and effort as your on campus classes. Because you don't spend three hours in a campus desk each week, you should schedule at least three (3) hours each week for a three credit class.
  • Require a certain amount of comfort with a text-based medium. Online students by necessity must be screen readers since you obtain class information through a visual rather than auditory channel. Require experience with a computer, the World Wide Web, and e-mail.
  • Require both you and your online professors to adjust to online teaching styles which differ from the traditional university model of teaching. Taking an online class means you won't be sitting quietly in a classroom; rather you must participate through the discussion board, mail, and chat
As an online student, ask yourself these questions:
  • Do you have sufficient time in your current schedule to give to an online class?
  • Does reading online text bother your eyes?
  • Does sitting at a computer bother your back?
  • Do you have a comfort zone with the Internet?
  • Do you feel comfortable asking for help?

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