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Cooperative Work Experience Education

The CWEE program provides opportunities to earn units and gain work experience for students who have declared a major.  

Eligibility requirements:

  • Must enroll in a CWEE course within the first three weeks of the semester (first week for Summer)
  • Must have declared a major and perform internship/work experience hours in an area directly related to major. 

Students can earn college credit as an elective:

Hours worked Units per semester
60 unpaid/75 paid hours 1 unit
120 unpaid/150 paid 2 units
180 unpaid/225 paid 3 units
Plus earn one unit for the weekly class.

*Note: CE 290 is NOW PD 290

Students can locate internship opportunities by visiting the Student Employment Services website at and clicking on “work experience CWEE” located to the left of the page

Employers can list their internship opportunities by contacting Dawn Taft at 619-482-6537 or


For more information, please contact:

Dawn Taft, Student Services Specialist
Phone:  619-482-6537
Office:  S205H, located upstairs in the Student Services Center