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Budget Updates and Forms

Our budget development process has been enhanced to create a transparent, easy and systematic method of soliciting and tracking input from all constituent groups.

May 10, 2011 Budget Presentation (PDF)
Slides from Interim Superintendent/President Whittaker's presentation to the campus community on May 10, 2011 (revised June 18, 2011) (PDF).
Feb. 2011 Budget Presentation (PDF)
Slides from presentation to the Governing Board on Feb. 5, 2011.
Impact of Gov. Brown's proposed budget on California's Community Colleges (PDF)
Bullet points from the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office.
Budget Advocacy Action Center
Budgetary talking points from the Community Colleage League of California
Gov. Brown's proposed budget for 2011-12
Southwestern College 2011-12 Community Budget Input Form (336K, Word DOC)
For non-college or anonymous input. It is designed to solicit ideas from individuals that may not have direct access to come up with all of the detailed costs and/or revenues but would nevertheless like to provide the input.
Southwestern College 2011-12 Departmental Budget Change Request (249K, Word DOC)
For constituent groups within the College. The expectation is that the input will be: clearly spelled out, costed through the Financial Services Department and be signed off by a constituent group.

When these documents are submitted to the Financial Services office, they will be entered into a tracking document called the Budget Assumption Worksheet. It will be assigned a number and the worksheet has an action cell that identifies whether it is accepted, rejected or held in abeyance by the Budgetary Taskforce of the Shared Consultation Council.

We hope that this system will provide the necessary transparency and serve to close the feedback loop in the budgetary development process.

Please feel free to contact budgetinput@swccd.edu with any suggestions that you may have.

PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot submit your responses online, please fill out the printed forms in electronic or hard copy, then:

  1. Submit hard copy to the Office of the Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs, Room 1652;
  2. Scan and email to budgetinput@swccd.edu; or
  3. Fax to (619) 482-6592

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