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CurricUNET Items

CurricUNET is a Web-based software application designed to automate and enhance the development and approval of curriculum for higher education institutions. It is effective in multi-campus institutions. Moreover, it is ideal for managing curriculum approval processes for entire statewide systems of higher education, in those cases where review or approval is required by a state agency.

Web entry screens are utilized to conduct course and program development online. These data entry screens are supported by diverse Help resources, such as Bloom's Taxonomy and various state-required code tables.

An automated workflow process routes all course and program proposals to designated reviewers, such as curriculum committees and administrators. An e-mail notification system notifies authorities when curriculum is in queue for their approval. All authorized parties can view a real-time graphic of the completed workflow for each proposal to determine a proposal’s status. This eliminates unnecessary phone calls and emails for checking the status of a proposal.

The system creates a searchable database of both current and archived course outlines and programs. Articulation and transfer to other educational institutions is facilitated by an Articulation Module that manages the institutional agreements for articulation of courses and programs.

A comprehensive reporting system reminds authorized parties when programs and courses were last revised, permitting improved curriculum management and update of programs by the institution.

CurricUNET facilitates college catalog production and class schedule production via automated interfaces to such systems.

In overall, CurricUNET becomes a strategic asset of the institution by systematizing and streamlining the entire curriculum development process.


  • Platform independent, and thus works on all major operating systems, Web browsers, and hardware (PC’s AND Macs, e.g.)
  • Processes both courses and programs, and maintains integrated links between courses and programs
  • Restricts access to authorized users throughout the approval process, but can provide general access after course/program approval
  • Provides Web-based proposal entry and approval
  • Uses a modern relational database
  • Provides interfaces to internal and external systems
  • Provides Articulation Management of approved courses
  • Provides users access to user data, rules tables, workflows, and related database elements
  • Provides for the ability to attach documents to proposals for review
  • Provides for historical tracking of all courses and programs


  • Provides point-&-click look up tables
  • Provides entry field edits & rules enforcement
  • Provides spell-check on text entry fields
  • Provides Word-like editing and formatting of paragraph entry fields
  • Provides “Math-check” capabilities in analysis of numeric data entry
  • Enforces standardized outline formatting
  • Places individual entry fields into a relational database

Provides Help instructions for every entry item


  • Provides 100% automated workflow with email notifications
  • Allows multiple workflows for different types of course and program proposals
  • Permits modification of course/program approval processes F E AT U R E S
  • Provides real-time approval tracking via both text tables and real-time visual graphics
  • Tracks and archives all changes & comments at each step of the process


  • Provides an interface to Student System
  • Provides an interface to college catalog production (print, online, & mobile)


  • Provides client-specified formatting of course outline, including use of college logos and stationery
  • Provides program degree reports, with automated updating of course changes
  • Provides course impact reports, identifying courses and programs that would be affected by a proposed course change
  • Provides a comprehensive report of changes made to a course or program proposal
  • Provides a course syllabus wizard for automatically creating syllabi that conform to a college-specified template
  • Provides curriculum action agendas for the curriculum committee, ALC, and Board of Trustees’ meetings
  • Provides a 5-year review report that identifies courses and programs that are coming up for their scheduled review dates, can also be modified for course user-fee Audits
  • Provides a comprehensive search option for all approved transactions across all MDC campuses, using keywords, and phrases for searching


  • Provides a comprehensive Articulation Management module
  • Provides for “transferability searches” with participating institutions
  • Provides for a Document Management Module which identifies status of proposal


  • Includes conversion of existing course outlines into the implementation database
  • Provides for complete customization of system to conform to the college’s needs.
  • Provides onsite training to multiple levels of faculty and staff
  • Provides hosting services
  • Provides ongoing maintenance, support, and version update services

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