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Perimeter Road Construction Update

Construction Update August 11, 2008

The perimeter road will be closed to through traffic this Wednesday thru Friday (8/13 – 8/15) from in front of building 430 around the back side of the campus to in front of the LRC to  complete the  asphalt overlay and stripping. Lots H, I, K, M and N will also be closed. Road sections and parking lots will be reopened as work is completed. Please watch for flagmen, traffic signs and road barriers.

Construction Update July 8, 2008

The perimeter road will be closed starting from the new entrance at Lot C to Lot J in front of the LRC all day on Thursday 7/10/08 for repaving. Also the following parking lots will be closed Lot H, Lot I, Lot K, and Lots M and N. The detour to the CDC, Warehouse and Smog referee will remain open. The tennis courts will be accessible from Lot E and Lot L. Portions of the road and parking lots will be reopened Thursday once the asphalt process is completed.

Construction Update May 7, 2008

The Lot D Staff parking in front of buildings 1680 and 1681 will be closed starting on Monday 5/12/08. Additional parking for Staff will be provided in Lot D in front of the 1600 Complex near Automotive.

Lot M by building 1500 (Gym) and Lot N by building 620 (LRC) will also be closed starting on Monday 5/12/08 to 5/30/08 for ADA sidewalk and parking improvements.

Construction Update May 5, 2008

The Road construction crew will be working on the perimeter road along Lot J. The installation of new curb and gutter along with the new fire line will start later this week and continue for 3 weeks. A detour thru Lot J will be set up starting tomorrow and traffic will be rerouted into parking lot J as advised by directional signage starting on Thursday.

Construction Update March 3, 2008

  • There will be a new temporary ramp leading from the 400 buildings up to the 1600 buildings on Monday. Access to the ramp starts near the 460 building across the perimeter road. Demolition will begin on the old ramp to make way for construction on the new permanent ramps.
  • Also a reminder the LRC will have a power outage on March 20th.
  • There will be no MTS (bus service on Otay Lakes Road form 3/17to 3/21) on campus during the spring break due to work on the perimeter road at Elmhurst. Bus service will resume on campus Monday March 24th

Construction Update February 28, 2008

  • The FLSR Project (perimeter road) is moving forward and every effort is being made to overcome the recent rains which have slowed the construction progress.
  • Construction crews will begin working in Lot B near the entrance from Otay Lakes road, completing the parking and roadway area within the next 2 weeks and will continue to Lot C for the completion of the ADA parking stalls.
  • Lot D will be under heavy demolition starting on Monday the 3rd; only faculty and staff will be allowed to park in Lot D as there will be very limited space for parking in lot D during construction.
  • The ramp leading from the campus up to the 1600 buildings will soon be closed and a temporary ramp will be in place at the new Lot D drive way leading up from building 460 and 430.
  • During the spring break there will be utilities installed that cross the perimeter road thru the one way traffic zone. This may close the road for long periods of time and only emergence vehicles will be allow access.
  • On March 20th there will be an 8hr power outage in the LRC building 620. Faculty and staff it is recommended that appropriate action be taken regarding computers and electronic equipment in the LRC by 6am on March 20th.
Construction update for January 24, 2008
  • The perimeter road project is moving along very well in spite of the weather.
  • Now that the front of the campus is near completion the major efforts are from Lot D clockwise to Lot J along the back of the campus.
  • One way traffic on the perimeter road will remain in place along Lot D clockwise to Lot J until further notice. Please watch for police officers and flagman that may be directing traffic thru congested areas.
Construction update for January 10, 2008

The Contractor has completed the asphalt overlay on the perimeter road from Lot J to the snack bar (building 480). The perimeter road from Lot J clockwise to the Lot C entrance drive including Elmhurst, Lot P, Lot A and Gotham will be fully open to traffic tomorrow morning. There will be one-way traffic from the Lot C entrance drive, clockwise around to Lot J. No right turns from Lot J onto the perimeter road. The CDC will be accessible through the one-way section, to the road leading back to the CDC. All traffic please allow for a possible 2-3 minute traffic delay. The rear entrance by the CDC will be opened starting on January 14th, Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm throughout the construction phases. The rear gate is closed on weekends.

Construction update for January 3rd -10th, 2008

Access from Lot J to Lot A will be open today the 3rd Friday the 4th and Monday the 7th. On the 8th and 9th no access from Gotham and Elmhurst or from Lot J to Lot A. Lot A will be closed. Parking will be open at Lot J, C, M, N, O and Lot H, I, K, F, E, G. The front of the campus will be open by the 10th including Elmhurst, Gotham, Lot A, Lot P, New entrance to Lot B from the perimeter road and the perimeter road from Lot J going east around to the new Lot C entrance.

Construction Update for January 2nd -10th, 2008

The Elmhurst and Gotham entrances will remain closed. The new schedule is to have both entrances open by January 10th. Please enter from East H Street into Lot J or from Otay Lakes Rd into Lot B. The construction crews are making every effort to complete the areas at the front of the campus before the new semester begins.

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