Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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Wait list

Waitlists will become available at the beginning of the registration period as classes fill. During the registration period, as a student drops from the class roster, the first student on the waitlist with an email address will be moved into the class. An email will be sent to the student to inform them of their additional class. The student will be instructed to go to WebAdvisor to either make payment for their class or drop the class. Note: students without an email address will not be moved into the class.

If a student add themselves to a wait list and then enroll for another section of the same course they will be dropped from the wait list.  If the student changes their mind,  they may go to WebAdvisor to remove themselves from a waitlist.

The wait list is used during the first class meeting only. Instructors will issue an add code or sign an add form and have the student return the form to Admissions. Students may register with add codes on WebAdvisor at https://webadvisor.swccd.edu.

Once the wait list becomes available, students who attempt to register in a class that is closed may select the option to have his/her name placed on a wait list.

  • Students will be told their priority number on the wait list.
  • Students can check their priority number on WebAdvisor.
  • There is a limit to the number of students allowed on each wait list.
  • Students on the wait list will be given first priority to add their wait listed class if a space becomes available.
  • Wait listed Students must attend the first class meeting and upon availability will be given an add code by the instructor to officially add the class.