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Senators 2009-2010

School Senator  Executive Committee  
Arts and Communication

Adjunct (Vacant)



Mark Van Stone
Todd Caschetta
Rebecca Wolniewicz (FA ’09) for Candice

Social Sciences and Humanities

Adjunct (Vacant)  
Lisa Ballesteros
Peter Bolland
Health, Exercise Science, and Athletics Adjunct (Vacant)
Valerie Goodwin-Colbert, President
Marie Vicario  
Angela Rock
Language & Literature Marsha Rutter (Adjunct)

Andrew MacNeill , Secretary

Susan Yonker Angelina Stuart , President-Elect 
Cynthia MacDaniel Randy Beach, Presiding Chair of Council of Chairs
Susan Brenner  
Andrew MacNeill
Esther Alonso
Academic Success Center, Articulation, Assessment, Counseling Personal Development and Support Services Disability Support Services, Health Services
Learning Resources, , International Studies Coordinator, Staff Development
Ursula Kantor (Adjunct)

Patricia Flores-Charter, At-Large Member

Corina Soto (FA ’09) for Caree Lesh Veronica Burton , Vice President
Janelle Williams Melendrez  
Patricia Flores-Charter
Diane Gustafson
Mathematics, Science & Engineering Adjunct (Vacant)
Charlie Hoyt
Myriam Moody
Alex Juden
Jacquelyn Thomas
Career/Technical Education & Learning Assistance Larry Lambert (Adjunct)
Tom Rogo
Yvonne Lucas
William Snell
Virginia Watson
Higher Education Centers
Steven Detsch (Adjunct)  
Sandy Tyahla