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LVN Step-Up

**Effective Fall 2012**

ALL LVN, LVN Step-Up, Independent Duty Corpsman (IDC) students must pass the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Version 5.

Passing Scores are as follows: LVN Step-Up & IDC Program– 62 or better (Also a Dosage Calculation Test with a score of 80 or better).

California licensed vocational nurses are eligible to apply for a one year LVN-ADN transition program. Credit toward first year ADN courses is granted upon evidence of licensure. Students take a transition course before joining the ADN class in the third semester.

The Step-Up Program provides basic education and experience in nursing which will qualify the graduate for an entry-level Registered Nurse position in health care agencies following licensure. A class of students is admitted each summer and completes the second year of the ADN program.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is current through summer 2010, and thereafter is subject to change.