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Math Summer Bridge Program

Program Goal:
To increase the successful completion rate of entering high school students who enroll in Math 35, Math 45 and Math 65 courses as well as improve the retention and persistent rate among these students.


Since 1992, the number of seniors enrolling from the Sweetwater High School District has ranged from 1,714 to 1,310 students. Based on data from the 1997 annual High School Enrollment report, more than half of the entering high school students indicate interest in transferring to a four-year institution.

Southwestern College receives approximately 45% of the graduating seniors from the Sweetwater Union High School District each year. Based on basic skills assessment results, recent high school graduates are better prepared in English and reading skills and less prepared in mathematics. Since 1994, math scores of entering Sweetwater Union High School District seniors have continued to decline. In 1994, 37% of the first time entering students to Southwestern College qualified for Intermediate Algebra compared to 31% of the entering cohort in 1997.

With less than half of the entering high school students qualifying for Intermediate Algebra and math being the “gatekeeper” to the universities, a program modeled after the highly successful EOPS Summer Readiness Program is needed to assist students in making a transition to college and to develop a strong foundation in math during the summer session.

A Math Summer Bridge Program was developed in 1998 that provides participants with a counseling/learning skills component as well as math instruction. The program targets entering first time college students from the Sweetwater Union High School District who place in Math 35, Math 45, or Math 65 based on the College’s assessment instrument.

Since its inception, the program has grown from one (1) math section and one (1) personal development section to four(4) sections of math and four (4) sections of personal development with over 125 students enrolled.

Studies indicate that student in the Math Summer Bridge Program have a significantly higher success rate in math than non-math summer bridge students.

How to apply:
Sweetwater Union High School District seniors who will be attending Southwestern College immediately upon graduation may apply for the Math Summer Bridge Program at through their SWC peer advisor at their high school site.

Students in the program will be required to enroll in a math course and a personal development class.

For further information please contact the Outreach Office at 421-6700 x5633