Monday, July 6, 2015

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Personal Development Classes

Developing a new you with Personal Development Curriculum
Fulfilling your dreams and reaching your goals requires hard work and dedication. Our Personal Development Program at Southwestern College can help. Our curriculum focuses on College Success Skills and Work Success Skills.

Life Long Learning
Becoming a success in college, work and life depends on applying positive physiological, social and psychological principles to your everyday life style.

College Success Skills
Becoming the successful student you want to be can begin with courses that help you gain knowledge and skills about campus resources, educational planning, career awareness, decision-making, and self-confidence.

Try out some of these great options:
PD 101 Orientation to College 1 unit
PD 105 Student Leadership 2 units
PD 110 College Success Skills 3 units

Work Success Skills
Becoming the best you can be on the job requires training and interpersonal skills that strengthen your effectiveness in the work setting. Our Work Success curriculum will help you develop career goals, strategic life plans, and appropriate workplace behavior.

Try some of these great options:
PD 48 Job Readiness 3 units
PD 100A Career Assessment 1 unit
PD 100B Career Exploration, Goal Setting
and Decision Making
1 unit
PD 100C Career Planning: Job Search Skills 1 unit
PD 106 Career Management 2 units
PD 107 Confidence in the Workplace 2 units
PD 108 Effective Communication in the Workplace 2 units
PD 109 Successful Workplace Behavior 1-2 units

All of these great Personal Development courses can be applied to your degree and will earn transfer credit to the California State University.