Monday, June 29, 2015

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ROP Program

Mission Statement
The mission of the San Diego County ROP is to prepare a diverse high school and adult population 16 years of age and older for employment, occupational changes, and/or further education. This mission is accomplished by providing students with high quality and relevant occupational training and support services. The training and support students receive will develop job specific skills, knowledge, and attitudes to enhance their self-esteem and contribute to a rapidly changing society through successful employment.

Program Goals
  • Provide leadership for the implementation of School-to-Career.
  • Cooperate with local school districts in the development of higher level technical courses for junior and seniors enrolled in career majors and/or career paths.
  • Plan and initiate improvement and enhancement of ROP information management services.
  • Plan and initiate an improved and enhanced computerized attendance system.
  • Explore the application of career preparation through distance learning.
  • Implement new ROP governance model.
  • Reduce paperwork and number of meetings.
  • Promote statewide awareness of the quality programs and services offered by the San Diego County ROP.
  • Implement the first year of the new ROP funding model.
  • Seek additional funding for career preparation programs.
  • Provide additional countywide services to districts based on cost reimbursement.
Visit the following link to see the variety of course offerings in your area and throughout the county: San Diego County Regional Occupation Program