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MESA Program

The MESA California Community College Program (MESA CCCP) works to increase the number of educationally disadvantaged community college students who transfer to four-year institutions and earn degrees in mathematics, science or engineering. MESA CCCP provides academic support programs and career development services for eligible students.

MESA CCCP is not remedial. It is a rigorous program that forges a community of learners based upon academic achievement. It acts as a bridge to aid students in making successful transition to four-year institutions. Students who participate in the program are more likely than other community college students to transfer to colleges or universities and to major in math-based fields.

MESA CCCP is a collaboration between the Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) program and the California Community College Chancellor’s Office.

MESA CCCP students from across the state participate in summer undergraduate research programs.

MESA CCCP Services
ORIENTATION COURSE. First-year students take a course which acquaints them with college transfer requirements, cultivates their academic planning and study skills, and introduces them to career opportunities.
ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE WORKSHOPS. Students learn to maintain high academic standards through group study. Through this peer-based approach, they master highly technical material and complex concepts and develop effective study skills.
MESA CCCP STUDY CENTER. Students have access to a dedicated meeting and study area that also serves as a center for MESA CCCP activities.
ACADEMIC SUPPORT AND ADVISING. Staff, faculty and volunteers provide academic and career counseling. Students are clustered in classes and structured in study groups.
ASSISTANCE IN THE TRANSFER PROCESS. Counselors provide support and coordinate campus resources to help students transfer to four-year institutions and major in mathematics, science or engineering.
CAREER DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES. The program provides trips to industry sites, presentations by technical professionals on career options, mentors, field internships, and summer employment opportunities.

Additional Information:

MESA CCCP is a program of Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA), a statewide program of the University of California. MESA provides a pipeline of academic enrichment and preparatory services from elementary through university levels to increase the number of educationally disadvantaged students who graduate with degrees in math-based and scientific fields. To the extent possible law, MESA emphasizes the participation of students from groups with low rates of eligibility for four-year colleges.

MESA OPERATES MORE THAN 60 PROGRAMS throughout California and serves over 20,000 students. MESA is funded by the State of California, the federal government, corporate contributions and foundation grants. In addition to MESA CCCP; there are three other MESA components.

THE MESAS ENGINEERING PROGRAM (MEP) assists students at four-year colleges who are majoring in engineering or computer science. MEP Centers are located on UC and CSU campuses as well as independent college campuses throughout California.

THE MESA SCHOOLS PROGRAM (MSP) supports pre-college students interested in mathematics and science. MSP Centers across California provide programs in over 350 elementary, middle and high schools.

MESA SUCCESS THROUGH COLLABORATION (MESA STC), a partnership with American Indian education programs, the California Department of Education, school districts and schools, provides educational enrichment and support services for youth in kindergarten through high school to succeed in mathematics and science and go on to college.

“Industry is faced with a critical shortage of technology professionals. MESA CCCP provides a solid and growing pipeline of well-trained experts we so badly need.”

--Dwight Wheeler, Vice President of Litton Guidance and Control Systems

“I never would have made it to UC-Davis without the MESA CCCP at Solano College. The program gave me the academic skills and confidence that I needed to transfer as a computer science major.”

--Angie McCleod, University of California, Davis

“We see that students who participate in the MESA CCCP get a great deal of academic and social support. As a result, they are very likely to transfer to four-year colleges and to earn degrees in math, science or engineering.”

--Alice Murillo, Dean, Mathematics, Science, Engineering at Sacramento City College

For More Information contact:
Raga M. Bakhiet, PhD

Mathematics, Engineering , Science Achievement (MESA) Program
Southwestern College
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Phone: (619)482-6381
FAX: (619)482-6503

Sally J. Montemayor Lenz, Coordinator
Academic Affairs Division
Fund for Student Success - MCHS, MESA, Puente
California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office
1102 Q Street
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Tiffany S. Reardon
Assistant Director of Programs
MESA Statewide Office
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Phone: 510-587-6351
Fax: 510-763-4704

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