Saturday, July 4, 2015

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SWC Foundation Annual Fund Campaign

Did you know that Southwestern College is one of the lowest funded community colleges out of 109 community colleges in the state of California?

Did you also know that Southwestern College ranks in the top 100 of over 1,100 community colleges nationwide in the number of associate degrees conferred?

With the continuing challenge to provide quality education to our students, we must rely on our dedicated alumni and friends to help maintain Southwestern College’s goal of academic excellence.

The Annual Fund is a simple way for alumni and friends to help Southwestern College provide students with the best possible education. The Annual Fund provides the Southwestern College Foundation the flexibility to be responsive to the changing needs and demands of the College and its community. More importantly, however, it helps more than 19,000 students receive an outstanding education through quality teaching, small classes, improved technology, a productive learning environment, and excellent student support services.

To learn more about the Southwestern College Annual Fund campaign, view the attached information on Ways to Give and the attached article entitled “Southwestern College Continues its Tradition of Giving.” To contribute to the Annual Fund Campaign, complete and return the attached contribution form. For more information, call the Southwestern College Foundation at (619) 482-6564.

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  2. Southwestern College Foundation Continues its Tradition of Giving
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