Thursday, May 28, 2015

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SWC Foundation Garden of Giving Campaign

The Garden of Giving endowment campaign was designed to benefit students of the School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering (MSE) in the following areas: Biology and Biotechnology; Engineering; Horticulture; Mathematics and Computer Science; and Physical Science.

The “Garden of Giving” is a nature trail that winds its way through the walkways of the Southwestern College Campus. Unique trees and shrubs along the trail have been selected to receive identification in the form of an elegant bronze plaque. With a donation of $1,000, individuals can personalize the plaque of one of the trees or shrubs along the walkway in recognition of friends or family.

To learn more, view the attached map. To contribute to the Garden of Giving, complete and return the attached form.
For more information, call the Southwestern College Foundation at (619) 482-6564.
  1. Garden of Giving Map
  2. Garden of Giving Form