Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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SWC Foundation Scholarships

Many scholarships are available to Southwestern College students! Please contact the Transfer Center at Southwestern College to see what scholarships may be available to you.

Listed below is only a partial listing of scholarships available to students. The list below represents scholarships whose funds are managed by the Southwestern College Foundation. If you would like information about these scholarships, please use the links below to print out the description and application forms in a PDF format.
  • BRAVO Foundation Scholarship for Nursing students
  • California Association of Nurserymen Scholarship for Horticulture/Nursery Industry students
  • Mariachi Foundation Scholarship
The following scholarship applications are available through the Transfer Center.
Contact the Transfer Center to find out the application filing period.

Garden of Giving Scholarship Fund for School of Math, Science & Engineering students

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  1. CAN Scholarship for Horticulture/Nursery Industry Students
  2. Garden of Giving Engineering
  3. Garden of Giving Horticulture
  4. Garden of Giving Joe Conte Math & Computer Science
  5. Garden of Giving Physical Sciences
  6. Garden of Giving Roy Olson Biology
  7. Michael J. Watkins Memorial Scholarship Fund for Business Management Students
  8. Mariachi Fund
  9. Bravo Foundation Scholarship for Nursing Students