Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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SWC Logo

"Logo" is an abbreviated term for logotype, which originated as a printer's description of an icon and/or type combined together to present a symbolic representation, as in a trademark, for a business or organization.

The Southwestern College logo is one of the most important graphic elements to be considered in maintaining visual continuity among College publications, especially those that circulate off campus. It is distinctive and easy to identify.

The current logo is just the third design to be used in the history of the College. It was created with the intent to increase the recognition of the College in the community.

The logo consists of two parts, which must always appear together: the icon, or graphic design of a stylized sun, and the words "Southwestern College" using a typeface named HandelGothicBT.

Symbols reflective of the four elements of nature - sun, earth, water and fire - were used by native peoples of the Southwest in art, rituals and beliefs. The stylized sun of the Southwestern College logo contains outward radiating spokes in multiples of four. The design is also compatible with the Mayan architectural theme of the College’s structures.

The sun symbolizes learning as the center of the Southwestern College universe, respect for all people, and the life-giving elements found here. The four points on the compass are also represented, showing directions our students take in their educational journeys. The sun provides light and nourishment to keep our surrounding earth beautiful and renewed.

The Southwestern College logo reminds us of our history and positions the sun above the College name to light the way to the future.