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Surgical Technology Program

The surgical technology program prepares the student to function in operating rooms under the direct supervision of physicians and nurses. Surgical technologists assist in scrubbing and with the surgical procedures. Most work settings are in hospital operating rooms, emergency rooms and out-patient surgical clinics. Salaries in the San Diego area range from $30,000 to $40,000 per year to start.

The surgical technology program is three semesters: Fall, Spring and Summer. Prospective students may apply for the program after completing the pre-requisite courses listed below.

Required Prerequisite Courses

  • Biol 190 Human Anatomy and Physiology 4 units
    - or-
    Biol 260 Human Anatomy 5 units
  • Medop 230 Medical Terminology 3 units
  • College-level Reading (Reading 158 or proficiency on assessment test)
  • High school graduation in the U.S., GED or degree from a U.S. accredited college.

The program accepts 20 students every Fall semester. We do not accept applications unless they contain ALL requested documentation and prerequisites. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN PERSON at the Higher Education Center, Otay Mesa, 8100 Gigantic Street San Diego, CA 92154. (No exceptions).

Students who are not accepted will be placed on a waiting list based on date of application,
If you are interested in obtaining an Associate in Science Degree for this program, we suggest making an appointment with a counselor to review the courses needed for the degree in Surgical Technology to make sure that you will meet all requirements.


The cost of the surgical technology program is currently estimated to be about $2,200.

The greatest direct expense is at the beginning of the first semester. Textbooks, enrollment fees, material fees, malpractice insurance and uniforms are the major cost items.