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Governing Board Institutional Goals

As finalized at the April 7, 2011 Study Session

GOAL 1: Ensure restoration of full accreditation status and continue to use accreditation standards to guide strategic planning and operations.

GOAL 2: Continue development of integrated data systems that provide information for measurable student success that support college operations, and institutional decision-making. Build a culture of evidence.

GOAL 3: Ensure that the College District budget effectively addresses the current fiscal crisis and provides fiscal stability to maintain instructional, student support, and operational integrity.

GOAL 4: Ensure a state-of-the-art teaching, learning, and work environment, including but not limited to technological advancements.

GOAL 5:Taking into consideration anticipated severe budget reductions, develop a plan to prioritize the SCCD focused Mission for the determination of resource allocation.

GOAL 6: Optimize resources and generate revenue for and through programs, partnerships, and grants.