Saturday, July 4, 2015

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Technology Plan

The SWC Technology Plan 2011-2015 is a guide to the allocation and use of technology resources in support of student learning and institutional effectiveness at Southwestern College. The purpose of the plan is to further the mission, vision, and strategic direction of the college. It will be reviewed on an annual basis as it is integrated with Institutional Planning and Program Review.

Technology Plan Implementation Grid 2012-13 (pdf format)
The Institutional Technology Committee updated the Implementation Grid. Action Items that have been completed have been removed from the revised Implementation Grid. The new Grid also includes new groupings of Action Items and new priorities.

Top 10 Technology Plan Action Items for 2012-13 (pdf format)
The Institutional Technology Committee has developed a prioritized Top 10 list taken from the newly revised Implementation Grid.

Technology Plan Status Report for Summer and Fall 2012 (pdf format)
This report includes the status of the Action Items that were completed or started this past summer and fall.

Technology Plan - Prioritized Action Items for 2011-2012 (pdf format)
The Implementation Grid shows the action items, lead manager, responsible units, timelines, performance indicators, dependencies, and required resources that are necessary to further the goals and strategies of the Technology Master Plan. Over the summer (2011), the Technology Plan Oversight Team (TPOT) revised the Implementation Grid and prioritized the Action Items that were scheduled to begin 2011-2012. The Prioritized Action Items were reviewed/revised/approved by the Institutional Technology Committee (ITC) in August 2011.

Technology Plan Status - Board Presentation 2012-05-09 (pdf format)
Dr. Ben Seaberry's Tech Plan status presentation before the Governing Board on May 9th, 2012

2011-2015 Technology Plan (pdf format):
This plan was developed by the Technology Task Team (TTT) during spring 2011. It includes the following sections: SWC Mission, Planning Process, Contributors, Vision, Definition, Guiding Values and Principles, Technology Services Summary, Technology Goals and Strategies, Implementation Grid and Action Items, Appendices.