Thursday, May 28, 2015

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If you are ready to graduate, transfer to a UC or CSU, or need to substitute or waive a major requirement, Evaluations is here to assist you. Our goal is to provide a smooth process for your continued success!

All petitions and requests received at this time will be considered for the Spring and Summer 2013 terms (see information regarding deadlines below).

On-line Application

Downloadable PDF Forms

Please print, attach documents and submit to the appropriate department.

Petition for Graduation (AA/AS) or Certificate of Achievement

Southwestern College offers Associate in Arts / Science degrees and Certificates of Achievement. A candidate does not automatically receive the degree upon completion of all requirements. Specific deadline dates for each term are published in the semester course schedule. Official transcripts from all colleges attended need to be mailed directly to the Admissions Office (no hand-carried transcripts are accepted). All transcripts are required regardless of the usability of the credits. Click here for Grad Petition. Click here for Cert of Achievement

Certificate of Proficiency (17 or less units): Please Note: It will not be listed on the official transcript and is not recognized at the Commencement Ceremony. Click here for the form

Deadlines to Submit

Petitions must be received prior to the deadline date and will only be processed for the semester in which they are received.


November 1st


March 1st


April 1st

Petition for GEBR/IGETC Certification

If you are planning to transfer to the California State University System (GEBR) or the University of California System (IGETC) and completed all your lower division general education requirements, you may request certification in one of two ways:

  1. When you are petitioning for graduation, fill out the section stating your intention to transfer, or
  2. You may file a Petition for General Education Certification online. It is recommended you see a counselor to make sure you have completed your transfer general education courses. Click here for the form

Petition of Substitution of Major Requirement

A student must request permission to substitute a course that is required in the major. Please download the petition and submit to the appropriate school dean for approval. Click here for the PDF

Petition to Waive Major Requirement

A student must request permission to waive a course that is required in the major. Please download the petition and submit to the appropriate school dean for approval. Click here for the PDF

Duplicate Diploma Request

To order a duplicate diploma, the cost is $12. Download the form and bring in to Evaluations for confirmation of degree. Click here for PDF

Student Petition

To receive credit for AP, IB, CLEP or DANTES, you must request your scores to be sent to Admissions. Once the scores are on file, you may petition to receive credit. Credit will not be awarded for courses in which credit was already earned. Please refer to the catalog for a sampling of credit recommendations for the listed exams; credit is not posted to the transcript.

Students who have a background in computers may have the Computer Literacy requirement waived by submitting a Student Petition. You will have to provide a letter from an employer on company letterhead verifying work experience. Please download the Student Petition, attach appropriate documentation, and submit to any of the following locations: Evaluations, Admissions, HEC at Otay Mesa, San Ysidro or National City. Click here for PDF

Foreign Degree Evaluations:

If you are considering an evaluation of foreign transcripts, this must be done through an approved NACES agency. It is highly recommended that you see an academic counselor before starting this process. Click herefor a list of approved NACES agencies.

Still have Questions? Click here for PDF

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