Friday, July 3, 2015

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The School of Counseling and Personal Development now offers online academic and educational counseling. We intend to answer your online questions in a timely manner as long as the questions and requests for information involve the following:
  1. How to select your classes for the current semester.
  2. How to add and drop classes.
  3. How to use the list of classes outlining your major and general education requirements.
  4. Information on other services on campus that might be helpful to you.

What Not to Expect
Because of confidentiality and technological constraints we cannot do the following:

  1. Prepare a complete degree program of studies for you on a Student Educational Plan (SEP).
  2. Formally evaluate your transcripts of classes taken at other colleges and universities and at Southwestern College.
  3. Help you decide on a major field of study.
  4. Help you choose the “right” career and the appropriate courses for that career.

All information provided is expressly designed for advisement purposes only, and can only be taken on this basis due to the restrictions of technology and identity verification. It is highly recommended that all students conduct regular visits to meet with a counselor to document your academic and career plans.

To submit your question click on the following link and complete the intake form provided.