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SWC Mission Statement

The following statement is the adopted Mission Statement, which is a key part of the Southwestern Community College District strategic planning process:

Mission Statement

Southwestern Community College District promotes student learning and success by committing to continuous improvement that includes planning, implementation, and evaluation. We serve a diverse community of students by providing a wide range of dynamic and high quality academic programs and comprehensive student services.

The College District provides educational opportunities in the following areas: associate degree and certificate programs; transfer; professional, technical, and career advancement; basic skills; personal enrichment; non-credit adult education; community services; and economic, workforce, and community development.


Southwestern Community College District builds an exceptional community of learners and leaders who will promote social, educational and economic advancement.

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of an organized program of study, students will demonstrate core competency in the following areas:

  1. Communication Skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing)
  2. Thinking and Reasoning (creative thinking, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning)
  3. Information Competency (research and technology)
  4. Global Awareness (social, cultural, and civic responsibility)

Institutional Performance Indicators

The College District has identified eight Institutional Performance Indicators (IPIs) to track progress toward accomplishing its Mission and Strategic Planning Priorities. These IPIs include: retention rates, success rates, persistence rates, transfer preparedness, overall student satisfaction, employment preparation, licensure/certification pass rates, and student goal attainment.

Institutional Values

The following values guide how the institution thinks and acts – essentially defining the enduring character of the College District:

  • Mutual respect – to treat one another with respect, dignity, trust, and fairness, appreciating the diversity of our community, students, and work force, in a collegial and cooperative manner
  • Shared planning and decision making – to engage in a collaborative process in which creative thinking, ideas and perspectives contribute to the well being of the entire College community
  • •Integrity – to say what we mean, to deliver what we promise, to fulfill our commitments, and to stand for what SWC values
  • Accountability – to assume responsibility for our College's future as stated in our mission and goals
  • Cultural competence and commonality – to positively engage our College community in developing a deep appreciation of and collegiality among all cultures
  • Scholarship and love of learning – to foster and pursue one's curiosity and passion to seek knowledge and gain deeper understanding
  • Critical inquiry and thinking – to nurture intellectual exploration and develop the analytical skills to problem-solve in new situations throughout life
  • Life-long learning – to inspire a vital and imaginative learning environment
  • Practical and responsive – to provide practical educational experiences

The Mission, Vision & Values shall be evaluated and revised on a cyclical basis to correspond with institutional strategic planning timelines.

Adopted: August 13, 2008 Page 2 of 2 Revised & Adopted: February 9, 2011 Revised & Adopted: February 8, 2012