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Eligibility for admissions to Southwestern College

Admission to Southwestern College is open to high school graduates, people with equivalency degrees (GED), or anyone 18 years or older who can benefit from college instruction.

In addition, high school students are admitted to the College for advanced academic placement or career technical education training. For more information about the High School Special Program, call 421-6700, extension 5633.

How to apply
All new students or returning students who have missed at least one complete semester must reapply to the college. Go to www.swccd.edu to apply on line to the college. You will need a valid email address. After submitting an online application, students will receive an email with their student ID  and information on how to register for classes. Students will also be given information on assessment testing, orientation, and academic counseling.

The College accepts applications for the next semester after the sixth week of the current semester. Appointments for registration are emailed to students after they submit the application.  If you need assistance with the application or obtaining an email, you can come to the Admissions Center at the Chula Vista campus or any Higher Education Center.

If you are a student with a disability and need special assistance, contact Disability Support Services at 421-6700, extension 5301.
Residency requirements for tuition purposes
In compliance with the California Education Code, Southwestern College will review all applications submitted to determine if applicants meet the residency requirements for tuition purposes. California resident classification entitles students to in-state tuition fees. Our guidelines for residency classification are state-mandated. Since each applicant's case is evaluated on an individual basis, it is suggested that students interested in determining residency contact the Admissions Center at 619/482-6584 to speak with a Residency Technician.

Class schedules and college catalogs

Class schedules and catalogs are available on-line and in the Admissions Center on the Chula Vista Campus and any Higher Education Center. Catalogs can be purchased at the campus bookstore. You may call the bookstore at 619/482-6416 for more information, or send $5.00 in check or money order to: Campus Bookstore, Southwestern College, 900 Otay Lakes Rd Chula Vista, CA 91910
Important dates and deadlines for the semester
Information regarding important deadlines for each semester can be found on the Academic Calendar the class schedule, or you may call the Admissions Center at 619/482-6550 for more information.
Office hours and locations

The Chula Vista campus of Southwestern College is located at 900 Otay Lakes Road, Chula Vista, CA 91910 (near the intersection of East H Street). The Admissions Center is located at the Cesar Chavez/One-Stop Student Services Center.  Call  619-482-6550 for more information.
Higher Education Center at San Ysidro
480 West San Ysidro Blvd, San Ysidro, CA 92173

Higher Education Center at National City
880 National City Blvd, National City CA 91950
619 216-6665

Higher Education Center at Otay Mesa
8100 Gignatic Street San Diego, CA 92154
619- 216-6750  

Cost of attending college
The California state legislature dictates the enrollment fees charged by all California Community Colleges. These fees are subject to change through legislation. Students classified as non-California residents must pay an additional per-unit non-resident tuition fee. In addition the college charges other mandatory fees such as the Student Center Fee and the Health Fee.

These fees are subject to change by the Southwestern College Governing Board.

Students parking on campus must purchase a parking permit (car or motorcycle). Students are billed for the cost of an ASO (Associated Students' Organization) card, which may be refunded/ credited upon request. Dollar amounts for current fees can be found in the class schedule, or you may call the Admissions Center at 482-6550. Click here for information on Financial Aid.
Registration/enrollment in classes
When you apply for Admission you will receive an email with information about when to register. If you cannot remember your appointment time, go to WebAdvisor or contact the Admissions Center at 482-6550 for assistance.
How long do I have to pay for my registration fees? 
The College must receive payment within five (5) calendar days from the date of registration.
Previous course work from other colleges and universities
If you have attended another accredited college or university, you may transfer coursework credits to Southwestern College. To do this, you must request that a transcript from your previous college or university be sent directly to the Southwestern College Admissions Center. Hand-carried transcripts are not considered official and cannot be used to satisfy graduation requirements.
Late registration/enrollment after the semester begins
You may register for additional classes during the first two weeks of the semester on a space-available basis. Come to the Admissions Center to pick up late registration information. After the first two weeks, you cannot enroll in full-semester classes. You can, however, enroll in short session classes that begin later in the term.
Adding and dropping classes

You may add or drop classes during the registration period. Check the class schedule for exact times and dates. Once the semester has started you will still be able to drop classes, but in order to add, you will need the instructor's signature or an add code from the instructor.

  • Pick up or print an add form in the Admissions Center, or at any Higher Education Center.
  • Complete the form and go to the first class meeting.
  • If space is available, the instructor will give you an add code or sign the add form.
The add code allows you add the class through the Web Advisor system or return the signed add form to Admissions or at any  Higher Education Center by posted deadlines. If you need assistance, call the Admissions Center at 482-6550. 

Refunds for dropping a class
If you wish to drop full-semester classes and receive a refund, you must do so by the last day of the second week in the semester. You may drop classes by coming to the Admissions Center or at any Higher Education Center.  Refund deadlines vary for short-term classes. Refunds are sent by mail. They are processed approximately four weeks after the end of the add/ drop period.

Remember: It is always the student's responsibility to be aware of all posted deadlines.
How to audit a class
If you want to take a class for fun, to learn a new language or skill and don't need the college credit, auditing may be an option for you.
To audit a class you need to obtain a course audit application from the Admissions Center and go to the class. If there is space available, the instructor will sign the form. You must return it to the Admissions Center for processing. Students taking the class for college credit have first priority for acceptance. The charge for auditing is $15 per unit plus the mandatory health fees. A maximum of six units (or two classes) may be audited in any regular instruction term (Fall, Spring, Summer). If you are enrolled for college credit in 10 or more units, you may audit one three-unit class for free. Once you use the audit option for a class you cannot change to college credit.
Evaluation of course work from other colleges and universities
After all of your official transcripts from other colleges and universities are filed with the Admissions Center, make an appointment with a counselor to review your previous coursework and develop your academic plan.
Transcripts from other colleges and universities
Any transcripts you have from other schools, colleges, and universities must be filed at Southwestern College for graduation purposes. Transcripts should be sent directly to the Southwestern College Admissions Center. Hand-carried transcripts will not be accepted as "Official". Contact the college or university directly for information and required fees. Transcripts are required for graduation regardless of the courses and grades achieved at your previous schools.
Requesting copies of my Southwestern College transcripts

Southwestern College students are entitled to two free copies of their transcripts (regular processing). Emergency processing is always $5.00 per copy. Other charges are as follows:

  • Regular request: $3.00 per copy
  • Emergency: $5.00 per copy
  • Fax sent within SD county: $10.00 per copy ($5.00 emergency fee + $5.00 fax charge)
  • Fax sent outside SD county: $15.00 per copy ($5.00 emergency fee + $10.00 fax charge)
  • Federal Express: $20.00 ($5.00 emergency fee + $15.00 Federal Express charge)

You may request your transcripts by mail or fax, or by completing a form in person in the Admissions Center. Our mailing address is: Southwestern College, Admissions Center, attention: Transcript Processing, 900 Otay Lakes Road, Chula Vista, CA 91910. The fax number is (619) 482-6489. When requesting transcripts, you must include:

  • Your name at the time you attended Southwestern College and approximate last date of attendance
  • Social Security Number
  • Southwestern College ID number, if known
  • Date of birth
  • The complete address, including zip code, where you want the transcript sent.
  • Your request must be signed. Your transcripts cannot be released without your signature.
  • Payment must accompany your request. If you are paying by credit card, you must include the credit card number and expiration date as well as the signature of the cardholder in your request.

If you have any questions, please call 619-421-6700, extension 5888.

Advanced Placement, CLEP, Military and other non-traditional credit
If you want to have CLEP, Advanced Placement scores or any other type of credit evaluated, you must submit score reports or transcripts to the Admissions Center, along with a General Student Petition, requesting evaluation. You will receive a response by mail in approximately 10-14 business days. To have your military school credits evaluated, you must submit your DD214 or 295 military documents to the Admissions Center along with a petition for military credit. Petitions for military credit are available at the Veterans Office or in the Admissions Center.

Course Repetition and Course Withdrawal

The California Community College Board of Governors recently passed revisions to Title 5 regarding course repetition and withdrawal which will take effect during the summer 2012 term.

A student will only be allowed to enroll in the same course a maximum of three times.

If a student has previously received a substandard grade (D, F, NP) or withdrew from a course with a "W", then all of these course repetitions and withdrawals in the student's transcripts are to be counted towards the new limits.

Therefore, a student that has taken a course the maximum number of times prior to Summer 2012 will no longer be able to take the same course at Southwestern College.