Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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Overview of 5- Year Plan Development Process

Overview of BSI Steering Committee Process
The Basic Skills Initiative Steering Committee (BSI-SC) began its work at the end of Fall 2007 to bring basic skills instruction to the forefront of SWC institutional priorities in a manner that is highly coordinated and that integrates instruction, student services, and supplementary services to further the academic success of this student population.
One of the first steps was to complete the required Self-Assessment to establish a baseline measure and document how our current practices fit with and reflect the findings from the literature regarding effective practices for basic skills students. To this end, committee members divided into four teams to mirror the assessment divisions: Organizational and Administrative Practices, Program Components, Staff Development, and Instructional Practices. A Blackboard BSI-SC site was created to be the central place for input and dissemination of relevant information. At this time, funds were designated for ongoing projects, with subsequent approval by the Superintendent/President. Faculty were surveyed to identify strategies they employ to address academic issues related to basic skills students in their classes.

Spring and Summer 2008 Accomplishments

  • Drafted responses to the Self-Assessment based upon Blackboard input and information gathered from the faculty survey
  • Requested research data for the Self-Assessment and the 2008-2009 5-Year Plan
  • Completed the Self-Assessment (link to Self-Assessment A,B,C D)
  • Completed the 2008-2009 5-Year Plan (link) based on the information and data gathered, with approval by the Superintendent/President
  • Evaluated proposals from the college at large that met the criteria for inclusion in the 5-Year Plan and submitted them for approval by the Superintendent/President.
  • Developed the highly coordinated model that serves as the basis for BSI implementation for subsequent funding years, a model that will continue to evolve as projects are evaluated: 2008-2009 Implementation Model (link attached to this email).
Fall 2008 Accomplishments
  • Selected two BSI Coordinators to develop a collaborative, integrated Academic and Student Affairs effort to address the needs of basic skills students and implement the SUHSD Cohort Intervention Project
  • Selected four faculty Achievement Coaches for Excellence (ACE): English, ESL, Math, Reading
  • Developed a freshman seminar class that will assist students in navigation the academic culture to pilot in Spring 2009 (BSI Coordinators)
  • Completed the 2009-2010 5-Year Plan (link attached to this email)
  • Evaluated end-of-semester 2007-2008 funded projects as a basis for continued funding
  • Evaluated presentations by the project leaders of midterm reports for Fall 2008 funded proposals
  • Revised the Project Evaluation Score Sheet and ranking processes
  • Received, evaluated, and recommended proposals for Spring 2009 funding for approval by the Superintendent/President
Following the parameters and tasks set forth by the Chancellor’s Office and the SWC BSI 5-Year Plans, the work of the BSI-SC will continue. Ongoing evaluation of funded projects and related data will occur to serve as the basis for continued funding. New 5-Year Plans will be developed for subsequent funded academic years to continue successful projects as well as to provide additional innovative and/or research-supported basic skills strategies. Research from data gleaned from these projects will continuously be evaluated to ensure proposal goals are reached.