Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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All new students are recommended to attend a group orientation and advisement session before enrolling in classes. It is important to first complete assessment and then go to the Counseling Center (Student Services Center, 2nd Floor) to schedule an orientation and advisement session. Orientation and advisement sessions will last one hour. You will receive test scores, and counselors will assist you in selecting classes. Bring a pencil.

Topics of Discussion Include:

  • Assessment Results
  • Course Selection
  • Degree Requirements
  • Recommended Course Preparation and Prerequisites
  • Campus Resources
For information regarding dates and times or to schedule an appointment for orientation, please contact the CounselingCenter on campus at (619) 482-6317.

The Higher Education Center at National City  and the Higher Education Center at San Ysidro also offer orientation and advisement sessions given in English and Spanish. Please contact the San Ysidro Student Services office at 619-690-6083 or the Higher Education Student Services office at (619) 477-9683 for the schedule dates and times.