Friday, July 3, 2015

Contact Us

Valerie Goodwin-Colbert
Academic Senate President
Professor of Health – Ext. 6437

Alexis Davidson
Tenure Review Coordinator
Professor of Economics – Ext. 5576

Mary Wylie
Accreditation Liaison Officer
(619) 482-6532

Institutional Accreditation Assistant – Ext. 5582

Standard One Co-Chairs:
Lisa Ballesteros
Professor of Sociology – Ext. 5596

Viara Giraffe
Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences – Ext. 6570

Standard Two Co-Chairs:
Diane Gustafson
Librarian for Learning Resources – Ext. 6433

Mia McClellan
Dean of Student Activities – Ext. 6369

Standard Three Co-Chairs:
Margarita Andrade-Robledo
Professor of Foreign Languages – Ext. 5574

Terry Davis
Dean of Health, Exercise Science and Athletics  – Ext. 6561

Standard Four Co-Chairs:
Ron Vess
Librarian for Learning Resources – Ext. 6431

Kathy Tyner
Dean of Mathematics, Science and Engineering  – Ext. 6344