Thursday, July 2, 2015

Standard One

Institutional Mission and Effectiveness

The institution demonstrates strong commitment to a mission that emphasizes achievement of student learning and to communicating the mission internally and externally.  The institution uses analyses of quantitative and qualitative data and analysis in an ongoing and systematic cycle of evaluation, integrated planning, implementation, and re-evaluation to verify and improve the effectiveness by which the mission is accomplished.

The insititution has a statement of mission that defines the institution’s broad educational purposes, its intended student population, and its commitment to achieving student learning.

The institution demonstrates a conscious effort to produce and support student learning, measures that learning, assesses how well learning is occurring, and makes changes to improve student learning.  The institution also organizes its key processes and allocates its resources to effectively support student learning.  The institution demonstates its effectiveness by providing 1) evidence of the achievement of student learning outcomes and 2) evidence of institution and program performance.  The institution uses ongoing and systematic evaluation and planning to refine its key processes and improve student learning.

Standard One Co-Chairs:
Lisa Ballesteros
Professor of Sociology – Ext. 5596

Viara Giraffe
Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences – Ext. 6570