Monday, May 25, 2015

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These linked classes encourage learning in a friendly, supportive environment that promotes success and better student-teacher relationships.

Learning Communities Benefits
  • Develop lasting friendships
  • Learn to navigate the college system
  • Receive personal and academic support
How can I participate in a Learning Community?

There are a few simple steps you need to take...
  1. Apply to become a Southwestern College student by applying online at or by filling out an application at the Chula Vista campus, the Higher Education Center in National City, or the Education Center at San Ysidro.
  2. Complete basic skills assessments to determine your best starting place in writing, reading, and math. Call the Assessment Center at (619) 482-6385 for an appointment.
  3. Register for classes at or through telephone registration at (619) 482-9057.
  4. For more information, contact the School of Counseling and Personal Development at (619) 482-6317 or via e-counselor at
Learning Community Information
  • Proven student success with higher retention rates
  • Clearer path for degree and quicker duration for completion
  • Greater intellectual development due to raised level of interaction