Saturday, July 4, 2015

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The Associated Student Organization (ASO) of Southwestern College is the official voice of all Southwestern College students.

Firmly cemented in the campus' shared governance process, the elected representatives of the ASO represent the student body on college standing committees, task forces, and the Governing Board.

The universal goal of the ASO is to consistently maximize the student voice at Southwestern College through the development of leadership potential. Through the ASO, student leaders are provided with the opportunity to gain leadership and communication skills as well as a unique chance to network and learn the basics of parliamentary procedure.

The ASO consists of every student currently registered at Southwestern College. The organizational structure of the ASO is similar to our country's federal government complete with an Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches.

The seven Executive Officers of the ASO comprise the Executive Branch of the organization.

The Executive Board serves as the prime body responsible for directing the affairs and priorities of the organization.

The 23 Senators comprise the ASO Senate and serve as the organization's legislative branch. The Senate serves as the final decision-making body of the ASO. One of the Senate's primary responsibilities is to authorize and appropriate all funds spent by the ASO. The Senate is made up of both elected and appointed student leaders. Twelve Senate seats are "At-Large" positions meaning, each represent the general college student population. Another Seven Senate seats are filled by a representative of each academic school "School Senators" represent the students of their respective academic school. Finally, three seats are dedicated to students representing Southwestern College's Higher Education Centers and one additional Senator serves as a representative from the Inter-Club Council (ICC).

The judicial branch of the organization is exemplified in the form of the Student Judicial Review Board (SJRB). The Board consists of five voting members who act as the appellate body of the organization. The SJRB's prime responsibility is to investigate any instances of controversies involving the ASO.

The ASO is currently housed within the Student Center on Southwestern College's Chula Vista campus. Students can contact the ASO by calling (619) 482-6443 or by stopping in the Student Center during normal operating hours.