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Basic Skills Initiative

Welcome to the Southwestern College Basic Skills Initiative (BSI) web site.
Assisting the underprepared student to attain the basic skills needed to succeed in college-level work has been a core function of community colleges throughout their history. This is a major task, with 70 to 80% of students in the California community colleges needing work in developmental mathematics, reading, English, and ESL courses.

The Basic Skills Initiative is an effort to address basic skills and ESL needs through three areas: information on effective practices; professional development to allow colleges to examine their basic skills and ESL programs and how to improve them; and dollars to allow colleges to act on the first two.

SWC is engaged in a campus-wide effort to address the goals put forth in the BSI and bring about increased student success across the disciplines.

SWC Basic Skills Initiative Mission Statement
The Southwestern College Basic Skills Initiative is committed to providing a highly coordinated environment which integrates instruction, student services, and supplementary services in order to facilitate the continued development of essential language, reading, writing and mathematical skills so that our students may meet their educational and employment goals.