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Student Info

The Student Services Center in the Cesar E. Chavez Building is an umbrella housing all services associated with the matriculation of students under one roof. The Student Services Center is designed to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and make it easier for students to access critical services.

Students can find resources to meet their educational needs in the Chavez building beginning with admissions, financial aid, counseling and career guidance.

At 48,000 square feet, the $10.5 million Prop AA-funded facility includes the transfer center, EOPS, outreach, and disability support services, among additional valuable resources.

Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in Southwestern College. With more than 320 associate degree and certificate options, SWC would be a great place for you to complete your educational goals.

Serving approximately 20,000 students annually, SWC remains the only institute of higher education located in southern San Diego County.

Current Students

The current and future success of our students is our top priority. The College wants to assure your educational goals are completely available and promptly met. We also encourage student involvement during your studies here at SWC.

There are various student activities that will promote personal growth, leadership development and community involvement.