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Southwestern Community College District Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee for Proposition R

The Board of Trustees (the “Board”) of the Southwestern Community College District is seeking qualified, interested individuals and/or representatives to serve on the Southwestern Community College District Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (“CBOC”) for the implementation of Proposition R Bond Program.

This application period is to replace the following positions:

  • Senior Citizen Group Representative (SCG): Active member in a senior citizens’ organization.
  • Taxpayer Organization Member (TOM): Active in a bona fide taxpayers’ association.
  • Community Member at Large (CML): Resident of the Southwestern Community College District.
  • Advisory or Foundation Representative (AFR): Active in an Organization Supportive of the College, such as Advisory Council or Foundation.

Proposition 39 Bond Election

On November 4, 2008, voters residing within the Southwestern Community College District passed Proposition R.  Proposition R is a $389 million dollar bond measure which authorizes funding for needed repairs, upgrades, and new construction projects at the District.  Proposition 39 requires 55% supermajority for approval; this bond was passed by 71.4%.

Establishment of a Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee

After a bond authorized under Proposition 39 is passed, State law requires that the Southwestern Community College District Board appoint a Citizens’ Oversight Committee to work with the District.  The District has established the Citizens’ Oversight Committee and approved Bylaws therefore.

Committee Responsibilities

In accordance with Education Code Section 15278(b), the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee shall:

  • Inform the public concerning the District’s expenditure of Proposition R Bond proceeds.
  • Review expenditure reports produced by the District to ensure that Proposition R Bond proceeds were expended only for the purposes set forth in Proposition R.
  • Present to the Board, in public session, an annual written report outlining their activities and conclusions regarding the expenditure of Proposition R Bond proceeds.

Appointment of Committee Members

It is anticipated the Governing Board will approve the four (4) open positions of the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee at either the July 13, 2011 or the August 10, 2011 Board Meeting. 

Time Commitment and Term

This is a two (2) year commitment which begins upon Board approval.

Would you be Interested in Serving?

If you wish to serve on this committee, please review the committee bylaws which will provide further information about the committee’s role and responsibilities.  The application and bylaws are available on the District website or by contacting Ms. Janell Ruiz at 619-482-6311 or e-mail at jruiz@swccd.edu.

Application Deadline

Completed applications must be received in the office of the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs no later than 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 27, 2011.

By e-mail:  jruiz@swccd.edu      

By fax: 619-482-6592
By mail: Southwestern Community College District
Business & Financial Affairs, Room 1652
Attn: Janell Ruiz
900 Otay Lakes Road
Chula Vista, CA 91910