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New Program starts this Fall 2007!
Certificate of Achievement/Associate in Science Degree

  • Get trained in the field of Insuranceľone of the largest career areas in California
  • Earn top $$ and gain opportunities for career advancement
  • Learn about entrepreneurial opportunities in the field
  • Learn where the jobs are in the insurance industry in San Diego County
  • Course offered both online and hybrid
  • Paid Internships - Join the California Insurance Careers Program! (368KB, PDF Adobe PDF icon)
Insurance Basic Program Highlights - Basic Certificate
INS 100 Introduction to Insurance - 1 Unit
INS 103 Insurance Code and Ethics - 1 Unit
INS 121 Principles of Property and Liability Insurance - 3 Units
INS 122 Personal Insurance - 3 Units
INS 123 Commercial Insurance - 3 Units
Total - 11 Units

To earn an associate degree, additional general education and graduation requirements must be completed.
For more information, please contact the School of Business and Information Systems, 619-482-6457