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Sunday, April 20, 2003

First off, thank you for everything that you have done already to help ensure that we keep the doors open to higher education in California. Our success could mean that 200,000 students can continue their education, so your actions are literally life-changing.

Community college advocates in Sacramento have worked hard to develop a Fair Share budget. The budget, supported by every major community college organization (including students, faculty and staff), provides legislators a chance to put their words into action by treating community colleges proportionately with K-12, CSU and UC.

Most importantly, the Fair Share budget rejects the Governor's downsizing of the community colleges and protects the critical funding for disabled and economically disadvantaged students. The budget would cut $75 million from our budget, the same 1.5% reduction that the Governor proposed for K-12. In addition, while we don't recommend a specific fee level, it ensures that any fee increase goes to benefit students and not the state's debt. The line-by-line details of the Fair Share budget are available at http://www.keepthedoorsopen.org/getinformed.

I'm writing because we need your help. We need you to contact your legislators (and encourage your friends and family to do the same) in support of the Fair Share budget. We'll be talking to legislators in Sacramento, but we need pressure on them from Californians across the state.

Please take the following steps:

  1. E-mail and call your legislators.
  2. Contact your friends to urge them to contact their legislators.
  3. Join one of the marches on May 9 (San Francisco and Riverside).

To take action, visit http://www.keepthedoorsopen.org

Thank you for helping Keep the Doors Open!

Scott Lay, on behalf of
the Coalition at KeepTheDoorsOpen.org

Scott Lay
Director, State Budget Issues
Community College League of California