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College Leadership Council (CLC)

Statement of Purpose

CLC Purpose: To provide a consensus building forum to review college-wide needs, set priorities to meet college goals and to make recommendations for allocations of resources to the Superintendent/President. This council shall comply with shared governance norms and regulations to better represent all college constituencies.

CLC Budget Task Force Purpose: To bring forth constructive proposals to address the college's budget crisis and to serve as a campus-wide dissemination network to share information on budget issues. The budget discussion and review process shall require a thorough collection and analysis of the facts/data.


  • Superintendent/President, Co-Chair
  • President, Academic Senate, Co-Chair
  • President-Elect, Classified Senate
  • President, ASO
  • President, Faculty Union
  • President, Classified Union
  • Vice President for Fiscal Affairs as Administrator
  • Vice President Academic Affairs, Vice President Student Affairs
  • Classified Supervisory/Confidential
  • Faculty (2) from CLC membership

Meeting Schedule: Every two (2) weeks, or on an "on-call" basis through the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2003.