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Dear College Community,

We are embarking on the largest capital project since the inception of the original construction of the College (including all sites) nearly 50 years ago.

Starting in January, 2012, you will begin seeing activity (tree removal and utility trenching) and preparation for the construction of the Field House (which will be located on the land that currently houses the football scoreboard across from the Library entrance) and for 4 of the 6 structures of the Corner Lot project (Administration, Multi-Purpose, Culinary Arts, and College Police).


  • Beginning in early 2012, the construction of the Field House which will be located where the current scoreboard stands.
  • The football field for the remainder of 2012 will be closed (which also means we will be finding a temporary location for Commencement and next season’s football games).
  • TREES BEING REMOVED: I do not want you to be surprised when you return from winter break to find that the trees that are in the footprint of the new Field House location (and peripheral area for safety reasons) will be cut down in late December in anticipation of start-up construction.
    • John Brown, Director of Facilities, Operations, and Planning, has assured Cabinet that their goal is to preserve as many trees as possible during all construction projects.
    • Only trees that are in the footprint of a construction project and those located in such close proximity that they will be damaged or the stability endangered, thereby causing a safety threat of having a tree fall on a building, will be cut down. Saving trees is a very high priority! We have been working with an aborist to ensure that only those trees that cannot be saved, are being cut down.


  • In early spring 2012, construction of the Corner Lot project will begin.
  • Buildings A (Administration), B (multi-purpose), E (College Police), and F (Culinary Arts) are underway with the hope that it will be completed by the end of the Fall 2014 semester, if not sooner.
    • Economic changes and the inability to fund retail features of Building B under the current Bond (originally designed to include the Bookstore and retail components) will result in a scope and purpose adjustment.
    • Decisions regarding what will occupy Building B with the least amount of internal change need to be made by mid-spring if we are to stay on our construction timeline.
    • Bob Temple, former Interim VPBFA and current consultant on Prop R contracts and construction projects, will work with John Brown and user groups to assess the options for Building B.
    • This change of scope/purpose recommendation will be submitted to the SCC as information and then to the Governing Board for final approval.
    • Changes in scope may result in some architectural adjustments to accommodate institutional needs but, to avoid additional costs and potential delays, our goal is to maintain the integrity of the scope/purpose while utilizing as much as possible of the original Building B interior design if at all possible.
  • Due to a major sewer line under Buildings C (Café) and D (Multi-Cultural/Wellness), we have recommended delaying construction as the relocation of the sewer may involve the City of Chula Vista and numerable issues.

CENTRAL PLANT UPDATE: Construction on the Central Plant will commence late spring and through summer 2012.


  • Major construction at the main entrances off of H Street will be limited in late December and January while the construction staging begins for the Field House and Corner Lot projects.
  • Major road construction on Otay Lakes Road and in Parking Lots A and O will occur late spring and early summer, requiring a shift in how employees and students enter the College. It will also impact bus access which will be coordinated with the CV MTA. As definitive information is provided, we will inform students, employees, and the community to minimize the inconvenience of the road improvements.
  • John Brown will be providing additional information to employees and students for traffic control and parking as the time approaches.


  • A User Group has been formed.
  • Staff will be recommending an architectural firm to complete the programming requirements in the near future.
  • This new building is slated to be ready by the Fall, 2015 semester.


  • John Brown and support staff have begun conversations with Donna Arnold and the User Group in anticipation of future construction and renovations addressing specific needs in Mayan Hall. This project is in the early phase of preparation and discussion.

Denise Whittaker
Interim Superintendent/President