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SWC Students,

Parking Management wants to make sure that you have the correct information for the upcoming semester.

Since the semester has started we just want to make sure that you have a valid student parking permit displayed for Spring 2011. As of January 17, 2011, Campus Police will be citing Student Parking spaces without a valid permit. Faculty/Staff spaces (noted by yellow striped lines) are always enforced.

As a reminder, there are construction detours by Lot D (click here for map) so please consider this in your commute.

As a reminder, the College’s parking regulations are:

  • Starting Jan. 17, 2011, parking permits or daily permits will be required for all students.
  • Faculty/Staff parking spots (noted by yellow striped lines) require a Faculty /Staff Parking permit at all times.
  • Short-term metered parking requires $1 for 45 minutes and is reserved for people who need to get in and out quickly not intended for registration or counseling appointments.
  • During finals week a parking permit will be required for all student spaces.

Citations for violations vary from $40 to $330 so please park appropriately. If you have questions your Uniformed SWC Police Officer knows the requirements.

Thank you,

Your Parking Management Team
(Operations, Parking Management, SWC Police)