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Governing Board Announces Selection of Superintendent/President

To the College Community

Governing Board President Tim Nader announced at the Board meeting last night that the Board has decided to offer a contract as the next Superintendent/President of Southwestern Community College District to Dr. Melinda Nish, who is currently at Orange Coast Community College. 

Nader stated that the Board is very excited to have Dr. Nish coming starting January 2 as our next Superintendent/President. 

They have agreed in principle on terms of the contract, which will be on the Board’s agenda for ratification at the October 26 Special workshop meeting. 

Nader stated that the Board and the search committee were very impressed with Dr. Nish’s energy and long-term commitment to taking this College to the next level and building on the fantastic work that President Whittaker has done in the past year as our Interim Superintendent/President and doing so much to heal this College and to prepare us for our next administration.